You are cordially invited to the #DrunkAustenBall!

M. (Your name here)


at the home of *the internets*

On Saturday, 16 of May current

Between the hours of

Whenever the hell you want to log in,


Whenever the hell you want to log off

(i love balls)

That’s right ye lads and lasses, we’re goin to a ball!

Now what, you may ask, is a VIRTUAL ball?


Well, since we’re all stuck inside for the foreseeable future, and no rich, eligible men or women are likely to move into our vicinity anytime soon — let’s boogie online!

The concept is simple and the execution even easier. Just do some Jane Austen shit, post it publicly to ANY social media platform, and tag #DrunkAustenBall!

How does one “do some Jane Austen shit” exactly?

Another excellent question, floating voice of an Internet stranger!!

Some Jane Austen shit could be:

  • Learning to play whist via a chat room!
  • Having a FaceTime or Zoom tea party with a friend!
  • Making yourself a Jane Austen-themed cocktail!
  • Inviting your friend to attend/be your date to the ball!
  • Learning to dance a country dance!
  • Complaining about how far you are now from Grovesner Square!
  • Showing off a historical costume you made! (Or are attempting to make!)

Finally, round off the day with us at 7pm PST, with a mass livetweet of the 2005 Pride & Prejudice movie — cuz it’s so pretty to watch (and who doesn’t love seeing some pig balls at the end of a long day?)



Zoom link to Whist

Password is “DrunkWhist”


Dancing lessons will occur on Zoom at 10am PST, 1pm PST, and 3pm PST. Please check back here for links to the Zoom sessions as they are made available!

10 am:

Meeting ID: 872 8143 7285
Password: DrunkDance

1 pm:

Meeting ID: 735 0832 7619
Password: DrunkDance

3 pm:

Meeting ID: 859 8216 6365
Password: DADanceWAW

Tea Party:

The #DrunkAustenBall Tea Party will be held on Instagram Live, at the @Drunk_Austen page.


Drinks will be live, on the Drunk Austen Facebook page


A series of selections on the pianoforte will be performed by Laughing With Lizzie, on her Facebook and Instagram pages.


The livetweet of the 2005 Price & Prejudice movie will start precisely at 7pm PST, on our Twitter, under the hashtag #DrunkAustenBall.

TBH — a virtual ball is whatever you make of it — so let’s make it fun! These events are solely defined by how much the community gets involved, so if you want it to be fun and amazing, participate!

(Plus, there’ll be some fun surprises, special guests and more, along the way 😘)

Just follow the hashtag, and join in all the fun 🥰 Also, I think that’s the day Chawton House is doing some special programming as well, so lucky you! You get to double-dip and bask the luxurious glow of the Janeite fandom!

Don’t forget to tag your posts #DrunkAustenBall and we’ll see you Saturday! -R

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