We’ve Got The Scoop On A Very Exciting New Webseries…

Hey guys! So our old friend Paula Rhodes from The New Adventures of Peter & Wendy reached out to us with really exciting news!

If you loved The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Emma Approved, Classic Alice, or NAPW like we did, then I know you’ll be just as excited as we are to hear that a bunch of awesome people from those shows (& more) have joined forces to make a new show called Fictional Fares.

They describe it as Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee meets Once Upon A Time, which, frankly, sounds exactly like what we’ve always felt deep down that we needed, but weren’t sure how to put words to such a beautiful idea. The kickstarter starts today, so head on over if you’ve ever wondered what your favorite fictional characters would be like in real life (because here’s your chance).

And this cast list is amazing, it’s got Ashley Clements from The LBD, Brent Bailey from Emma Approved, (not to mention James Brent Issacs also from EA is starring and producing!) and Anna Lore from Frankenstein M.D. along with a whole host of other webseries staples, including Tara Platt, Chrissa Sparkles, Nik Dodani, Sinead Persaude, Leo Camacho and Michael Bow. (Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if a lot of the Pemberley Digital casts end up making appearances.)

It looks like JBI ‘s our driver and we’ve got a fairy tale Narr80r (don’t lie, you totally get it) who takes us along for the ride. I’m also personally really excited to see another webseries friend of ours, Jenni Powell will also be one of the producers behind the show. Powell was with the team behind The LBD, NAPW and OG webseries: Lonelygirl15, so basically you know it’s going to be well done.

AND, Drunk Austen got the skinny on who’s who in the Austen episode! That’s right, you won’t hear it from anyone else first:

Brea Grant will play Elizabeth Bennet, Jess Lizama is Elinor Dashwood, Amy Dallen is Anne Elliot and Trisha Hershberger will be Emma.

I would pay money to watch that, but we’re going to get it for free. #praise

(Also their inclusion statement is all I want from life and more: “FF may exist in a world of fantasy, but our cast & crew represent some of the best of our diverse real world. Over half of our team is female (like the actual population) & nearly half are people of color, so our audience shall see themselves represented in our human library.”)

I can’t wait to see the project funded, because the sooner that happens, the sooner we’ll get the show!

In the meantime, check out the project’s fundraising page here, and then go follow them on Twitter here. Their fundraising perks are freaking adorable, I can’t even tell you, you just have to go look. (Suffice it to say I want every single one for my car.)

-Admin R

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