What’s Your #BoomerangBook?

You know it: That book you go back to time and time again. The book you can pick up on any page and know exactly what just happened, what’s about to happen, and could probably quote? For me, it’s Crown Duel by Sherwood Smith, but everyone’s got their own. Some of our twitter followers have already shared their favorites with us:


So tell us yours! We’ll feature them┬áhere on our next blog post, and share our favorites on our next podcast! Leave a comment with your #BoomerangBook, with an explanation as to why, or use the poll (Click other and explain why in the pink box!)


4 thoughts on “What’s Your #BoomerangBook?

  1. I first read The Blue Castle in about grade 6. After I’d finished all the Anne books, I went and found everything my library had that L.M. Montgomery had written. It’s about a 29 year old woman who has always been ignored and overlooked by her awful family and who has never been allowed to do or wear or say anything she wanted to. She receives a terminal diagnosis from a doctor in town, and decides to do and say all of the things she was afraid to before.

    It’s a romance, as well, eventually, and it’s lovely. I loved it at 11, and now at 26, I love it even more. I understand it differently every time I re-read it, and as I get older, I think there’s something for each of us to relate to in Valancy’s life- there’s always something or someone holding us back from what we would love to do.

    So yes, L.M. Montgomery’s The Blue Castle is my #BoomerangBook


  2. This will decidedly paint my mother in a terrible light, but I’ve come to accept that. So has she. When I was in second grade, she and my older (by 9 years) brother were reading Swan Song by Robert R. McCammon. As I was constantly begging to be taken to the library because I went through books like crazy, my m decided to hand me this monster of a novel. So, I read a horror novel about a nuclear apocalypse that ended the world and was brought about by the encouragement of something akin to the devil. Suffice to say it scared me, but always stuck with me. It’s an excellent read.

    During my first college break, I reread Swan Song and promptly asked me mother what the hell she was thinking letting an 8 year old read it. But, I’m sure reading that novel is what got me so fascinated with similar genres and novels. I’m positively fascinated with the end of the world, not that I’m all that keen to see it.


    1. Like you I’m fascinated by the prospect of the end of the world. There’s something perversely reassuring that everything in this world can end! The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood is my boomerang book … actually the trilogy as a whole is my boomerang read.


  3. I love Crown Duel (read it recently) and the Posse of Princesses (ditto), but I’d have to say based on reading it twice in the past month, The Warprize, by Elzabeth Vaughan would be my pick.


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