Join Our Classic Alice Book Club!

WOO! It’s finally happening! We’ve agreed to host the fabulous, official bookclub for the new transmedia series: Classic Alice!


In case you don’t know what that is, Classic Alice is a new show about Alice Rackham, a college student who, after getting a “bad” grade on a lit test, decides to start LIVING the books instead of just reading them. The first season/book is available on YouTube, and while the show creators get ready for the second season, we’d like to keep the fan momentum going with a  book of our own!

So vote here in our poll and we’ll announce the winner on Friday! If you like something you don’t see here, then write it in or let us know! If it’s not chosen this time around, we’ll make sure it makes an appearance on the next list. (And hey, we know both Alice Rackham and show creator Kate Hackett poke their noses around this site sometimes, so if there’s enough noise for a particular book…)

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